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First Student Run Corps In The Nation!

Savac , helping the students and staff of SUNY Oswego and surrounding comunities since 1971

42 years, 3 months, and 16 days


SAVAC spends many hours training. This training consists of formal in class training and in house training. Our Training Captain is a certified NYS EMT-Basic and a CEVO Certified driver who is a cleared FTO. NYS EMT training is done through the college’s EMT class, course number HSC-300.  Members are required to have NIMS ICS-100 and
ICS-700 as well as a valid CPR card by the end of their first semester with SAVAC. Officers must recieve NIMS ICS-200 and ICS-800 by the end of their first month in the position. The college has a Standard First Aid and CPR class for the public. SAVAC members receive their own CPR training from one of our members who is a certified instructor. The college’s CPR training follows the American Red Cross protocols, while SAVAC’s members recieve American Heart Association Training.

Some of the drills that are held every semester are:
-OSHA Blood Bourne Pathogens
-OSHA Haz-Mat
-HIPPA Training
-Lakeside Emergencies